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What does PiloTrac do?

PiloTrac is a location based pilot car posting service that enables users to see where they are at on a live map. It’s just like a list but instead of listing them randomly or alphabetically it lists everyone by their location. This makes it much easier for our users when they’re looking for pilot cars since they can visually see where they are located rather than calling down a list. This new system is also much more economical since you can see exactly where the pilot cars are located and call the companies that are the closest to their needs.

There are two ways for pilot car companies to get listed on the map.

Primary account (required): The first way is to create a home base (primary acccount) listing for your company and activate it by paying the yearly fee. This will immediately place a clickable pin on the main map that shows customers your primary info when moused over (and even more when clicked on). A basic listing is $50 a year which is only $4.16 a month. However, if you have a website, use Facebook, Twitter, or want to show off more than one of your photos (or sport your best YouTube video on your profile) then you absolutely want our premium package which is only $70 a year or just $5.83 a month – just the reciprocol link to your site from ours is worth 5x’s more than that. Skeptical? If your site does not move up in rakings no matter how junky your html is we’ll give you your money back. Read more about the power of Wideload Shipping and search engines.  After you have created and activated your account you can then use our “add-on” option which is the “live posting” feature.

Live posting: Once you have created and activated your primary account (features a permanent home base pin in map with your company info) you are eligible to use the “live posting” feature. Live posting rocks! Here’s why: Let’s say you took a run to Denver, CO and are going to be there delivered in 5 days with a height pole looking to get back home in Atlanta, GA. Easy! Login to your account (phone app coming before May), post that vehicle as being available in Denver, CO with a high pole on that date and potentially book your next run before you’re even done with run you’re on. Easy! To activate you have to add the vehicle license plate number (only once) then pay the system $5. BUT the $5 will last 30 days for that tag. Small price to pay for such power.

All accounts: A free account is load posting only. This is new like everything else so we’re not sure how heavy it will be used as “click n call” is pretty easy but we wanted to add it to the new system rather than not have it. But with Basic and Premium you can post people that do not pay their bills, post loads in case you can’t cover one, and search for loads by checking the map legend for loads on the lower right of the map AFTER selecting the search date on the calendar on the lower right under the map. You should know to keep the system from getting plugged you can only post live cars up to 10 days in advance.

A few notes: Our motivation for developing advanced state of the art pilot car location technology is to provide better service to the trucking companies that use our website with the overall health of the industry in mind first. The proof is in the pudding, look at how low our prices are.

Over 1 billion dollars in transportation costs transpire here every year. 

There is no other place on the internet that we know of where trucks and pilot cars actively communicate direct on a huge scale.


(Community Support Pages) Ask and answer.


Let’s start by learning some PiloTrac lingo.
Update: Some of the folks in the industry we’re offended by our initial comments about brokering pilot car loads. We’d like to clarify our ideas, thoughts and intentions but without deleting our earlier posted content as that’s two faced which we’re not. So you can view the original comments by us here if you’d like.

First of all PiloTrac was invented to be a more effective system to service the trucking company dispatchers and carriers that use our system. Giving them a visual reference of pilot car and escort vehicle company locations based on a location they can see on a map, rather than a list.

With that in mind here are a few things that can happen that we’d like to avoid by simply being courteous to one another.

Here is a list of things that can happen that we’d like to avoid:

Stackers: This can occur when two companies have live cars posted in the exact same place on the exact same date. The PINS on the map will stack exactly on top of one another so the dispatcher of the trucking company only see’s one pilot car company posted since they are exactly on top of each other. It’s not an intentional thing but it can happen so here is a solution: Post your exact location. If you’re finishing up in Arvata, CO post “Arvata” instead of “Denver”. If you notice you’re stacking, edit your post to something like “Golden, CO” (there 10 miles apart so it’s no big deal and your being courteous to your fellow industry associate. Also don’t post a live PIN in your home base town just because the color is different – you’ve already got your home base permanent PIN there. When “stacking” does happen it’s generally an honest mistake with the person just trying to perform his/her duties by posting their availability and it just happens to be where you are too.

Hogging: “Hogging” is adding a license plate to a vehicle in our community system that you really don’t use for escorting, but you want another PIN in the map. If you get caught doing this you will probably get banned from using the system.

Squatting: A “squatter” is a user who posts a live car, finds a load for it but doesn’t delete the posting right away after covering it. Be polite. If you post a live car and cover it delete your post so someone else can have a go at covering their car.

Pin Facing: This is just  uncool. This type of user is posting in hot spots trying to get more runs than they have cars so they can broker them so someone else. This is just straight up un cool. If you want to broker pilot car runs that’s fine but don’t use PiloTrac as a source to find more customers. PiloTrac is designed and intended to hook up pilot cars with work. Preferably work that is direct with the carrier. That might not happen all of the time but this is not a place intended for brokerage companies to get more customers. Do that with your own resources and not a community oriented one such as PiloTrac please. Thank you.

That covers the basics. We’re all in this together and it’s important that we all help each other out. We’re in this business to help protect the safety of citizens traveling on the roads, then to make some money while we’re at it. So let’s be courteous towards each other and play fair. Use the system like you would if your mother was using it too.

Using the system:

The main map is only on the MAIN page. You can go to this anytime by clicking MAIN from anywhere on the website. By default it shows activity for todays date. To search for other dates find the calendar below the map and click desired date and it will display the available runs/loads (must be logged in to view runs/loads) as well as live pilot cars for that date. Home base listings are shown on all dates.

Search for pilot cars or loads.

Searching live for pilot cars or runs/loads posted is easy. Click the desired date. You must be logged in to view runs/loads. Click on photo to enlarge.


Once you have created your account, log back in you will see this screen. You will have to activate your account (unless you have a free run/load posting account) by paying first. This is your 1 time yearly payment for your base listing. A BASIC account is $4.16 a month and a PREMIUM account is $5.83 a month. Select your payment method at the top and click the “Pay Now” button.

First login screen.

First login screen for pilot car companies. Click to enlarge.


Once you have activated your account you can login and see contact info for posted loads on the MAIN screen. You can also add LIVE CARS for live posting with your account. Each vehicle license plate number costs only $5 per month and you only have to pay monthly. Select the number of valid vehicle tags you have from the drop-down menu, then click the “Add Tag” button then select your payment method.

Live cars

Adding live cars is easy. Simply select the number of vehicles and enter their license plate numbers. Click to enlarge.


Once you have activated your vehicle(s) for live posting you can do many things. To explore the POST CARS menu click on POST CARS or MY PROFILE. You will then see a sub-menu below the main website navigation menu. This is where you can do many things here like see, edit and delete your posted cars or check their status to keep track of which vehicles are active and paid for the month.

Pilot car status reports.

Easily check the status of your pilot car or escort vehicles as well as edit/delete live posts. Click to enlarge.

Once you have activated a live vehicle for posting when you login in to your account you will automatically be directed to the POST CARS page. Simply select the vehicle you wish to post and enter in your information. Using this feature you can post your future locations and potentially book your next run/load before your reach your current destination. At times it may be necessary to click the “Set Location” button next to the state/province entry. You can also specify your desired direction, if your pilot car or escort vehicle is equipped with a height pole or not as well as leave additional comments.

Activated account. Post live vehicles.

Once you’re fully activated you will be taken to the LIVE CAR posting screen when you login. Click to enlarge.

That covers the basics. We’ll be soon covering load posting a credit reporting but most of you will get it pretty easy from here. Happy holidays and we hope you like the new system.

Our promo video for those of you who haven’t seen it;


To access our support system please click here.


15 reviews

  1. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 28, 2017 - Learn How


    Multiple “Home base” pins says you have somehow created multiple accounts. Multiple accounts is a violation of our TOS and should not be possible unless you used multiple email addresses with multiple IP addresses. Please supply us with each email address you have used and we will delete the entire account in hope that we have deleted them all so you may start over.



  2. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 28, 2017 - Learn How

    Simply login to your account and click on the “My account” tab. Then towards the top of the page choose to renew your account.



  3. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 28, 2017 - Learn How

    Chartygirl. I see your post. One of the unique things about our service is you control your funds. If you do not wish to have service simply turn it off. However, might I suggest you do not choose to burn any bridges during the final phase of the slowest time of the year as it’s almost over and effects everyone in the industry, not just a company or two. We’ve been in the game for 30 years with almost 15 of them online. Also, if you would like help with your account this is a good time to ask.



  4. Chartygirl, Mar 10, 2017 - Learn How

    I want my money back. This service stinks. This is the 3rd time I have asked .. Took your company a matter of seconds to take my money now I can’t get it back please refund asap

  5. tcrewtransport, Oct 20, 2016 - Learn How

    How do I pay my annual fee? tcrewtransport@hotmail.com There’s no way to pay it.

  6. Pilot Cars Admin, May 24, 2016 - Learn How

    Ok. What is yur username? You know home base pins are only red right? Live posting pins are blue. I will have a look at your account and get it untangled for you 🙂


  7. Stephen Quinn, May 13, 2016 - Learn How

    I have to many home base pins and can’t figure out how to delete them?
    I have changed the phone # in profile but it hasn’t changed when pin is picked?

    Please advise

  8. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Learn How

    Yes. All email and contact information is handled via widloadshipping.com with all links pointing you directly there. We process refunds immediately. PiloTrac is not a fly-by-night quick right now solution for moving your cars. We’re here firstly for the long term companies that wish to have direct customers. We’re sorry if you thought we provide right now solutions. Sometimes it works out like that but for $70 a year you can bet the farm we are providing you with awesome exposure.

  9. vidaliadispatch, Oct 20, 2015 - Learn How

    I have tried on several occasions from PA to UT and I haven’t had any luck with the pilotrac service. I spoke with someone last week by the name of Mike and told him I wanted to cancel the service and he stated he would advise the person that handles that. He also told me to send an email, However I’m not sure of the specific so I was wondering should I just send it to wideloadshipping.com?

  10. Pilot Cars Admin, Jun 08, 2015 - Learn How

    Hello Yogi,

    There’s one thing for sure about the internet. The more it grows technologically, the more processing power and RAM it takes to render whatever script it is that is running. While the PiloTrac system is a fabulous display with what technology can do, yes unfortunately it does take more processing power to make it run properly. However, we have been crunching and reducing file sizes and browser cache technology grows with almost every update. It seems your computer may not have the power required to process our scripts. Give it a shot now and see what happens. If not give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you out. Thank you for the comment!

  11. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 06, 2015 - Learn How

    Don it sounds like your pictures are very large. You will need to fully open the images you wish to use by right clicking on the icon (don’t open or preview it, just the file) and look for a option the suggests “edit”, then reduce the actual size of the image. When saving the file rename it as well so the system does not think you’re trying to upload the same larger image(s).

    As far as “setting your truck” we’ll contact you to clarify what you mean. Either your home base pin or live posting.

    Thanks for using our service!


  12. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 06, 2015 - Learn How

    Hello Frieda,

    Simply email us the vehicle tag numbers you would like to remove. Wideloadshipping@icloud.com will get it done the quickest.

    Thanks for using our service,


  13. DON GILL, Feb 27, 2015 - Learn How

    Can’t set my new truck.
    Can’t post phots

  14. Frieda, Jan 29, 2015 - Learn How

    I would like to delete some cars of my Car tag list but don’t know how…………can anyone help. They are old tags I no longer use that’s why I would like to delete them

  15. yogi @dutchmaster trucking, Aug 13, 2014 - Learn How

    tried contacting you at xxxxremovedxxxxx@wideloadshipping.com but can’t get a reply. I am at the pay now stage but everything is frozen – what’s up? Yogi.

  16. Pilot Cars Admin, Jun 11, 2014 - Learn How

    Remember that live posting is your best friend. NOT because we make $5 for every 30 days you use it (however that helps pay hosting) but because that is the most powerful tool we offer; the ability for carriers to see where you are at live. Not only today but in the future as well. We have had a few success stories about booking runs before the company was done with the one they are on. In the future, we will have many of these stories. Post live.

  17. admin, Nov 23, 2013 - Learn How

    Login to your account, click on POST CARS or MY PROFILE, click POSTED CARS and choose edit or delete.

  18. BBROSCH, Nov 23, 2013 - Learn How

    How do you unpost a car?

  19. Ron, Nov 22, 2013 - Learn How

    Glad to join my many friends on this site. Hope for the best.

  20. Batie Dependable Pilot Cars, Nov 20, 2013 - Learn How

    This site is the absolute best board out there. It offers everything the carriers and pilot car industry needs all in one convenient location. PiloTrac is going to revolutionize pilot cars , carriers and drivers communication to a level unlike anything this industry has seen before. GOOOOO WideloadShipping .

  21. JEFF OBRIEN PILOT CAR SERVICES, Nov 20, 2013 - Learn How

    I have always been a premium member of wideloadshipping.com since i discovered it and have had great success from this affiliation. I can’t wait to see the future successes.

  22. Roxie, Nov 20, 2013 - Learn How

    Awesome!~!!!! well worth The money!

  23. Jane Throckmorton, Nov 20, 2013 - Learn How

    Sweetwater Pilot car is excited to see WideLoadShipping go live!! Hoping for an awesome year for everyone!! Go, WideLoad Shipping!!

  24. frogtruckescort, Nov 18, 2013 - Learn How

    The Frog team absolutely loves this new setup.I haven’t seen anything better than this.Good luck WideLoadShipping.


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