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Web Page: – About me; my name is Albert Freed, from, “Pensacola, Florida”, and Albert Freed is the name of my pilotcar / truck, company, “Albert Freed”,! Invoices for my company, “Albert Freed”, state I will take company checks, ComChecks, EFS checks, credit cards, and cash payments. All checks will be made out to, Albert Freed. I am a disabled veteran with three handicapped children an lived in Pensacola, Florida over 40 years. Our children, is the reason I became a pilotcar / truck escort driver as I needed the extra money. When I started as a pilotcar / truck escort driver I soon found out that I really enjoy this work helping escort truckers and looking out for the public and driving all over the country!

When I took the test to become a pilotcar / truck escort driver I made up my mind to be certified in Florida with all the credentials necessary to be a pilotcar escort driver! I live in Pensacola, Florida only 40 minutes from the scales coming into Florida on I-10 from Alabama. From Pensacola Florida I will travel 270 miles to pick up a 500 mile plus run. If you need a pilot driver, “entering Florida from Alabama on I-10 make sure you call me, “(850) 261-3178)”, to keep from getting a find at the Florida weight station”, I will meet you at the Oasis truckstop, 15 miles inside Alabama line on I-10: this will keep you from getting a ticket at the weight station, just inside the Florida line. From Pensacola Florida it is only 60 minutes or less to get to the Oasis truck stop. Most of the weight stations in Florida don’t even ask my credentials anymore because they know, I have double and triple of everything required by Florida; they know me well because of the cowboy hat I wear!

When I decided to be a pilotcar escort driver, I made up my mind that I was going to have the best escort rig on the road, or at least one of the best. When I set up my pilotcar / truck escort vehicle: I made a commitment to have my truck inspected every three months by the dealership, so as to minimize the possibility of my pilotcar escort vehicle breaking down and causing delays for the truckers! I installed four brand-new Michelin tires and the brightest top flashing lights I could find. I install three batteries in my pilotcar / truck and a heavy set of battery jumper cables.

I have made every effort to make sure that I do not hold up any vehicle that I am escorting because my vehicle broke down.

As a driver of a pilotcar / truck escort vehicle, I make every effort to ensure the safety of the public!

My secondary obligation as an escort for truckers is to help truckers in any way I can. In my pilotcar / truck escort vehicle, I try to have anything that trucker might need; like an extra fire extinguisher, four front and back trucker banners, side red flags, extra strobe lights, extra fuses, and even extra cones for the truck if the driver informs me before I leave my home/office, to meet him.

I, “Albert Freed”, back in the 1960s, drove a Mac truck that was a double clutcher; I only mention that to let you know I’ve been around the block.

1. My pilotcar has a High Pole = Wonder Pole (Fiberglass) 20ft 2. On my pilotcar / vehicle, I have a Heavy Duty, 20Ft (Height Measuring Stick with a 4 Foot Arm
3. I have two 5 pound ABC fire extinguishers on my pilotcar, one for my pilotcar and one to provide to my over weight, over length, and over height truckers for cost of $35. if needed.
4. In my pilotcar / truck escort vehicle, I have two GPS,s and two cobra 29 CB radios. I also have a cobra 29 walkie-talkie.
5. In my pilotcar / truck escort I have the red flags for the side of the big rigs.
6. On my pilotcar / truck escort vehicle, I have a battery-powered impact wrench to remove the tire lugs and a 2000 pound electric jack for my escort vehicle for fast removal of tires and replacement.
7. My pilotcar / truck escort vehicle is equipped with an electric high Pole, placed in a custom aluminum high Pole holder. My custom electric high Pole when striking a low overhanging obstacle, sounds a buzzer inside my pilotcar / truck escort vehicle, and also lights up four LED lights on the back of my pilotcar / truck, escort vehicle: which gives the trucker a visual confirmation that the overhead is too low. I notify the trucker over the CB radio as well, so that he has two notifications that the overhead is too low.
8. In my escort, pilotcar / truck I carry two box in/ratchet sets, one metric and one SAE wrench sets for use by the truckers and myself.
9. I carry wiring and connectors in my escort, pilotcar / truck that gives me the ability to rewire the lights on the big rigs.
10. I carry in my escort, pilotcar / truck a heavy duty light flashing unit, that is magnetic that can be put on the big rig anywhere that it is needed.

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