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Pilot cars and truck escorts, welcome! delivers the latest in technology for the pilot car industry by visually illustrating the exact location of pilot cars in North America. Rather than calling everyone you can, posting on social media or sending blind emails you can allow pretty much every heavy haul and oversize trucking company see exactly where you are and where you will be in the future. This enables two things: the ability for carriers to plan ahead and for pilot cars to minimize dead-head miles. If a pilot car company knows where it will be on a certain date in the future they can post themselves as available on that date. Pilot car companies have the option of posting themselves "live" by using our phone app (Samsung J3 warning) as well, making the whole process not only seamless but easy. Then we also support the use of PiloTrac by carriers by placing links directly to PiloTrac in their load searching accounts and phone apps as well, so access to your available locations is just a easy click away. This makes their job (filled with multi-tasks already) easier. All of the other tasks performed by carrier management required to move oversize loads is already technologically advanced. The only exception is the loosely put together word-of-mouth primitive pilot car industry. While you don't have to worry about driverless pilot cars and uber pilots, getting the industry listed in one central location with modern tools is almost a decade over due. Mining endless pages of data to try to locate one or a few pilot cars even remotely close to a loads origin is by far becoming a task of the past.

Pilot Cars find ease of use creates a mini website

Using PiloTrac is as easy as 1-2-3 if you do just a little bit of reading to learn how. Another thing to consider is entering all of the information about your pilot car company. Information such as exactly what services you offer, what areas you prefer to service, information about your equipment, history about your company and even your thoughts about the industry. Successful users will upload photos or youtube URL'sof their equipment, logos, etc. building a listing that looks very and more like a website which is basically what you are doing. More than likely your listing with us will take more traffic than your own website since carriers are linked directly to it. We have been online 14 years so don't be disappointed with your own site as we simply have the history element on our side. In actuality, the link to your own website that you add when you create your account will make your own site perform better in search results and for that matter is worth 10 times per year what we charge in truth. During the years we have been in business we have had pilot car companies contact us and say "you've got the best darn service we've ever used" while others have said "we've used your service for a whole month (as low as $4.19) and haven't got anything". Usually a quick look at their listing tells why. Their "About us" will read something like: lead, chase, steer, insurance and they've uploaded not a single photo. Then to make things even more difficult for example they're based out of say western Colorado. A little effort on their part would make like much easier.

Make certain you are successful

Pilot Car companies serious about succeeding realize this is a serious opportunity for not only today, but the future are the ones offered opportunities they would have never known existed, Companies that read all of the directions and spend time building a solid listing and repetitiously posting their future locations up live. Those are the winners. We help create winners in two steps. The first is to create a good, solid listing with lots of robust information. The second is to install the mobile application on your Android or iPhone so you can post live. Make certain every time you take a run you immediately post your estimated completion date and location up live on the system. You can always update the completion date on the fly from the mobile app if it changes. That's it. With a little luck on your side since logistics is based on chaotic theory you'll finish in a location that has another job headed in the right direction that pays well available for you. One thing for sure, if you don't post, you can eliminate your possibilities to know about it by close to 100%. It's real simple; if you're not listed, how can you be found? Page 14 in the search engines says you are based out of the greater Kansas City area, not Chicago. Live posting is here. It's here not for just today, but forever.

You can see exactly where a companies home base is as well as locations where they have pilot cars available for hire. Drivers and dispatchers for trucking companies hauling oversize loads can easily locate pilot cars, truck escorts or flagging companies. Additional information about each company such as if they offer height pole service or if their drivers have TWIC cards, Passports, CDL's and more. Simply select a pin on the map by clicking on it for information. Click on the company name and you are taken to a profile page which tells you all about their company and the services they provide.

Pilot Cars will find our service value awesome.

Pilot car companies will find our service extremely valuable as we send traffic that is already using to search for loads directly to your live posts. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly super saver rates of $50 or $70 depending if you want a basic or premium listing. That includes newsletters with industry information as well as tools and tricks we learn about, and tutorials here on the site that will explain how to get maximum exposure for your company. We teach you everything from simply creating a good listing all the way through to optimization. If we see that a company has put in the effort but not getting the results they want to achieve we will personally work with them individually and even code on the back end if that's what it takes to make absolutely certain they are not only maximized but getting everything they need to succeed. Some companies are a long way from moving and shaking locations and need every bit of help they can get. We're here to make certain you get it as we will not leave a single company behind. We want a robust, fair and equal opportunities for all pilot cars companies large and small.

PiloTrac was initially created by our parent website out of necessity since we are clearly the number one resource for customer direct loads, endless information and tools related to oversize and heavy haul trucking. A pilot car directory was inevitable. One that is up to date by the minute was imperative.

Maximize your time and paid miles. Get listed on PiloTrac today!

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The term "pilot car" is a general phrase used to refer to a vehicle that protects motorists by following or leading (escorting) oversize shipments that are being transported on highways and roads. Also referred to as a "escort vehicle" pilot cars are fitted with lights that strobe as well as signs that state "oversize load". This warns motorists to proceed with caution as they are very close to a shipment that is larger than most.


PiloTrac is brought to you by – the largest marketplace for oversize and heavy-haul shipping quotes in the world. Since 2003 we have been sending the trucking companies that use our system to the pilot car companies that list their services on our site. After many years we realized a live system would be not only fairer but efficient as well. With our live posting feature, pilot car companies have a better chance at getting a back haul thus maximizing your bottom line. Live posting works.

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