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Pilot Cars can now post via iPhone app.

By at August 29, 2017 | 6:11 PM | 0 Comment

Pilot Car companies can now post their live locations when out of town via live posting app on iPhones. Just go to the main screen on your iPhone and select "App Store" and then the search function (magnifying glass icon at the bottom) and type in the word "pilotrac" and download the app. Upon initial release there are a couple of hitches that have been fixed and awaiting

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Where are you? Can carriers easily locate you?

By at August 22, 2017 | 12:56 PM | 0 Comment

Where are you? If you’re not listed somewhere that makes it easy for fleet managers, owner operators and carrier dispatchers to find you, you're forfeiting a huge percentage of options in a sea of new opportunity.  A newer, smarter,  more efficient network has emerged demanding an upgrade from old web phone book technology. While driverless or uber-pilot cars are

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PiloTrac is brought to you by - the largest marketplace for oversize and heavy haul shipping quotes in the world. Since 2003 we have been sending the trucking companies that use our system to the pilot car companies that list their services on our site. After many years we realized a live system would be not only more fair, but efficient as well. With our live posting feature pilot car companies have a better chance at getting a back haul thus maximizing your bottom line. Live posting works and persistence pays!

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