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Advanced searches are easy.

To search for pilot cars that are available on future dates.

  1. Go to the Home Page and click the desired date on the calendar just below the map on the right. Then look at the map again.
  2. The live cars (or posted runs) for the date you selected are displayed on the map.


Note: To search for a company by name use the search bar below the calendar.

14 reviews

  1. Pilot Cars Admin, Jul 23, 2018 - Advanced Search

    Dear xSgtMajx,

    Upon initially creating this system we allowed load posting. It’s still built into it. The only reason we removed it was 90% of the posts were all done by other people trying to sell/broker their own runs. I created a instant dilemma for us. Let me explain. When we first started is was too many people were trying to broker oversize loads that have little knowledge of them. At the time the FMCSA bond requirement was only 10g (now only 50g). While pilot car service is pretty straight forward and easy a broker of these runs needs no bond. What happens if the do not pay? Also do we want to encourage companies to make more money and deal with trucking companies direct or have everyone brokering everyone? Valid questions.

    So. We came up with this: The carriers are using our service daily. They know where the pilot car map is and it’s been there almost 15 years. It’s online, in the phone app and even places in various SEO results. So when there ready to hire it’s a click away and they can see who’s closest to them.

    We’re totally open but just wish to above all else keep a fair clean service!


  2. xSgtMajx, May 15, 2018 - Advanced Search

    i would like to say as well that this site to be a so called easy to use site i still trying to see where these loads are posted for work to do all i am able to do is post the car and its location so if there is some trick to the find the load to see about work to do will someone give me that class thanks

  3. Pilot Cars Admin, Apr 05, 2018 - Advanced Search

    You got it Larry Pardon the delay as our support page is the quickest means of contact. Hopefully I can locate your account with your fist and last name. You may try emailing support @ is it does not go away.

  4. Larry Hovey, Nov 27, 2017 - Advanced Search

    I would like to discontinue my site as I have decided to retire.


    Larry B. Hovey

  5. Pilot Cars Admin, May 02, 2016 - Advanced Search

    You can contact them by doing a web search. Our contact information is here (please note our hours of operations):

  6. Pilot Cars Admin, May 02, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Load Alert is not us. We don’t do that. You will need to contact them.

  7. Woodrow Hite, Apr 30, 2016 - Advanced Search

    I want to stop the load alert tex. coming to my phone . the contack number is for a some outher co.

  8. Woodrow Hite, Apr 30, 2016 - Advanced Search

    I need a contack number

  9. Pilot Cars Admin, Apr 03, 2016 - Advanced Search

    We do our best. We’ve been online almost 15 years and route the trucking companies that use our loadboard as well as web traffic to the system. Thanks for your post!

  10. ecpilotescort, Apr 02, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Ok ill try it I know you are good at what you do I have all the faith needed in you

  11. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 19, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Once logged into your account return to the main page by clicking “home”,l then check the box on lower right of map next to “posted loads”. To view different dates simply click the desired date on the calendar below the map. NOTE: at the moment it is the slowest time of the year (winter). Also we are finding with this new system that it is easier for trucking companies to click on the pin closest to where they need service rather than logging in and posting the load. On top of that pilot car companies will call that are perhaps 3 or 4 hours away while other companies may be closer. It is much more efficient for the pilot car to post their locations away from home “Live” so trucking companies can see exactly where they are located and on what date. Best!

  12. Woodrow Hite, Mar 13, 2016 - Advanced Search

    how do I search for loads.

  13. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 03, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Also, some phone browsers will do it depending on their settings.

  14. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 03, 2016 - Advanced Search

    If you have skype setup to make phone numbers dialable when clicked it will do it.

  15. Take Flight, Feb 20, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Would it be possible to have my red pin be a link for my phone number? as it is, the number has to be memorized or written down, then dialed. Just wondering??

  16. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    I think we got this resolved correct? If anyone requires assistance please click on the contact link at the bottom of any page, then click the red help button to call or email. We’re in the Pacific time zone hrs. M-F 9am-4pm and email support 7 days a week.

  17. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    To contact s go to the very bottom of any page. Click “contact”, then click the help button and choose email or call us. Remember we are in the Pacific time zone. Our hours are from 9am until 4pm M-F with email support available frequently after hours and on weekends.

  18. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    It’s best to contact us by clicking on our support links rather than start a discussion thread as we can’t monitor these all of the time as good as we can email or a phone call. It is important that all users read our easy tutorials to avoid confusion and frustration. The red pin is your home base pin. It never moves. That is $70 per year for a premium listing. Live posting or blue pins are an add on service which costs $5 a month and you can pay or not pay as you go. It shows carriers where you are headed or where you will be in the future. Or, where you are at when away from your home base. To delete/edit a posted live car is simple; login, click posted cars from the drop down menu, then click edit or delete from the link below the post you wish to change.

  19. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Simply login and click “main”, then select “posted loads” on the lower right hand side of the map. To view different dates click the desired date on the search calendar. Please consider that we built this function into the system just to offer it. If we didn’t build it in the industry would request us to add it. However, it is much easier for a company to simply click and call the postings on the map when they need one or two pilot cars. Unless they have a contract with multiple runs or it is a broker posting multiple shipments. You have to ask yourself what kind of company has multiple pilot car runs? Mainly brokers which is fine but our main objective is to hook you up direct with a broker being the second option. We can see from our traffic that most companies click and call. These are the kind of customers that you want as they are direct.

  20. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    The system will not allow you to upload huge photos. You must reduce the size of your pictures if you wish to use them. To do this in Windows locate your image file and right click on it, then click “edit” then choose “Paint” and resize the image. You can also open the Paint program and then click “file”, “open” and navigate to your photo or you can download many free photo editors from the web. Some editors even work online so you aren’t required to download anything and are free to use. We suggest searching for “free online photo editors” and proceeding from there.

  21. Pilot Cars Admin, Feb 17, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Deleting a pilot car that is posted live is simple. Login to your account, click on “Posted Cars”, then click delete below the live posted car you wish to delete.

  22. nrgkit, Feb 01, 2016 - Advanced Search

    How do I delete a car?

  23. dehennick, Jan 21, 2016 - Advanced Search

    Hello I seem to be having trouble uploading pics. At first told me big as a football. After reducing size it shows pic but has a red x top right of each pic.

  24. ecpilotescort, Nov 02, 2015 - Advanced Search

    How do I search for a load ?

  25. IJBlackburn, Oct 28, 2015 - Advanced Search

    I find your web site extremely hard to do. I have1 truck and 1 pin for my location I paid the 5 to be posted live and it happened I found an error and tried to fix it and I no longer have a blue pin but have 3 pins and the web page tell me I need to pay my 70 dollars again and resign up WHERE is a phone number for us to be able to correct problems such as these I need you to contact me or return my 75.00.

  26. I J Blackburn, Oct 27, 2015 - Advanced Search

    I am so confused I am not computer literate I paid 70.00 by credit card and 5.00 for live posting I now have 3 pins in my location and I only have one truck and no where on the site do I find a phone number where I can do a live chat

  27. Pilot Cars Admin, Jun 08, 2015 - Advanced Search

    That should have fixed it. It is important to add all of the digits of the license plate on your vehicle. One single digit confused the system so it did not credit your account properly. Once we get the rest of the numbers from your tag we will credit you as well as get you properly activated. IMPORTANT: Be sure to write a minimum of 300 words that describe what it is that your pilot car company does. This way you are giving perspective customers more information about your company. Be sure to upload photos as well as they will compliment your listing. If you have any further trouble please feel free to contact us via this page or by clicking on the contact us link. Thank you for using our service!

  28. ecpilotescort, Jun 06, 2015 - Advanced Search

    it is saying inactive account needs to be paid, I paid for one year $70.00 plus to post live it was another $5.00. I may be not computer literate but i do know I paid and cant get most the things im supposed to have for the money I paid. Would you please help me. I need to work to pay. Thank you for your help in this matter.

  29. Pilot Cars Admin, Mar 06, 2015 - Advanced Search

    In working on the last stages of the phone app the development team may have done something that caused the payment module to act up.

    If anyone else is aware that they need to renew but does not see the drop down message as soon as they log in simply notify us by either calling or sending a email to and we will resolve it.


    PiloTrac Team

  30. rosebudz, Nov 18, 2014 - Advanced Search

    I cannot find anywhere to make a yearly payment for renewing my online listing. Please respond…

    Rose Green
    Rosebudz BigLoadz


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