California Pilot Cars Maze

The State of California does not make it easy for pilot car drivers.

We’re not sure if the State of California makes anything easy for anyone in the extralegal load shipping industry but there’s certainly no way around it. Pilot car drivers have to make sense out of all of these zones, colors, routes, charts and travel restrictions as the driver of the truck is dependent on the information you’re providing them with and trust you know exactly what you’re doing. With so many restrictions and rules this can be a mess for a pilot car driver to keep up with. So what we’re going to do here is help simplify all of this by giving you one single page where all of the information for pilot cars is located. In the future if you need it, rather than trying to locate it from the tons of information on the California website (here’s the link to that by the way; California pilot car maps page) you can simply come here and type #California or #CA into the search window that is located on most pages of this site and bring it right up.

Making sense out of the senseless.

For the most part it’s really not that bad – there’s just so much of it. Matching up the numbers with the map isn’t so bad unless you are perhaps escorting a load the entire length of the state. If that’s the case then you’ve got some work cut out for you.  The issues we found confusing are the statements like “Annual Pilot Car Maps (Green Weight)”. Seriously how popular are pilot cars based solely on weight? Not very many. Width, height and length yes but weight? As it turns out they are referring to the maximum allowed on that route but upon first looking at it, it doesn’t make much sense. Anyway, moving right along. What we’re going to do for this page is re-word them to simply say “Pilot Car Maps, green routes, etc.” to help avoid with the confusion and simplify the process.

California pilot car zones map.

Image courtesy of – pilot car zones map.

So here you can see the different zones they have for pilot cars that have to operate in the state. The first thing you are going to want to do is open up a copy of the legend as after you open up a zone you’ve got this detailed map without any legend details. While this immediately starts to make things more complicated what we’ve done is made the link open a new tab for you so you can keep that one open while then going back and forth between the two.

***This is for single trip permits only. For annual permits scroll down.

Here is your Map legend link that opens in new tab.

Now choose a district: #1., #2., #3., #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12

Note: You will see reference to other district numbers on each map. However, the only “legend” they placed on each map is the district number. So if you aren’t sure if you’re looking at the right map be sure and check the number to make certain it correlates with the number you need. Very odd.

Annual pilot car maps for the State of California.

California has Green and Purple routes for shipments that are overweight as well as over dimensional as they directly pertain to pilot cars. Here is the information for each of these colors and the different districts. Keep in mind they are referring to carriers that have annual permits for travel in the areas. While single trip permits are more than likely the same, variations may exist so be sure to use the above information when referencing single use trip permits.

Green: #1., #2., #3., #4., #5., #6., #7., #8., #9., #10., #11., #12.

Purple: #1., #2., #3., #4., #5., #6., #7., #8., #9., #10., #11., #12.

Just in case you need to get in contact with someone that works in the oversize trucking department here is a great list of contacts in each of the regions. Click here.

Note: If you have any comments that may help other pilot car companies please share them below. If any links are broken or need to be added to this please let us know as well by commenting below. Thank you!

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