Where are you? Can carriers easily locate you?

Where are you? If you’re not listed somewhere that makes it easy for fleet managers, owner operators and carrier dispatchers to find you, you’re forfeiting a huge percentage of options in a sea of new opportunity.  A newer, smarter,  more efficient network has emerged demanding an upgrade from old web phone book technology. While driverless or uber-pilot cars are probably not much to be concerned with, the way you’re found is. Over-dimensional shipping requires exceptional multi-tasking and extensive real-time knowledge just to get it up off of the table, ready to load and transport. Data mining search engines trying to locate a pilot car company close to the pick location can be very time consuming and is a last resort.  Today’s customer needs quick, easy access to your available locations and available dates 24/7.  Not a Pandora’s box of searching high and low to try and find someone available and close by. PiloTrac gives them this easy option by being linked directly to the tools they’re already using.  In one click they’re looking at a live map with everyone’s available locations.

Each day over 1,200 owner ops use our carrier phone app and over 2,300 trucking company dispatchers connect via PC to find direct customer loads. When they need pilot cars they first click the same link that’s been in their account for over 14 years. If they can’t see a company on the map close to where they need their job becomes much easier. When they have to “data mine” the web 99% of your opportunity goes straight out the window. Only 1 company can be in 1st place. Our carriers need you just as much as you need them but again if you’re not listed, people can’t find you.


The coolest part of this from my personal viewpoint is not one word of this is upselling, it’s simply a fact. It also clearly illustrates our focus and dedication to the future. We’re not just running a live posting directory, we want every single customer we have to be making a exceptionally good profit from their work. We believe happy customers in the end = a safer environment for motorists.


We last reported we would (after 2 previous failures) create a phone app for live posting. We succeeded!  Yep, we created the app for both iPhones and Android phones.  We’re now stress testing and will release PiloTrac Ver. 1.0 to all of our fantastic users well before the end of August. The app will be available via iTunes or Google Play soon (free), we’ll announce the release any day. What a relief!


PiloTrac mobile version 1.0 is free for our customers that have an active account. To use it simply enter your username and password and click “Login”. The app will connect to your account and allow you to “Post Cars” so when you’re on the road you can let carriers know where you’ll be available before you get there. Once you’ve installed the app simply pick which vehicle, date and location you wish to post, select desired direction and if you have a height pole and click “Post” and your vehicle will show on the map for the date you posted. When searching for yourself be sure to click the available date you posted on the calendar just below the map on the right of your screen and voila! There you are. REMEMBER: Never post your “home” location. You already have a permanent pin that never goes away as long as you’re account is active.


If carriers can see where you’re finalizing out at it’s much easier to plan ahead. Plus, you have a crack at booking your next run before you’re done with the one you’re on. Do consider the app will make the live posting feature much more popular. It will take a little while for everyone to get used to it, carriers/dispatchers included. So it doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get a run the moment you want it but it does make it possible by getting your company out there. The more you use it the quicker it will catch on and make the industry much more efficient in many ways.


It is suggested that everyone read our terms of service agreement and “learn how” to make certain they are not in violation of them. Things like fake postings, fake vehicles or “stacking” or placing a pin smack dab on top of another pin is grounds for harsh consequence(s). We’re more than happy to offer tomorrow’s technology to our industry but will absolutely not tolerate abuse. Comments like “oh, i didn’t know” could result in a harsh penalty – especially if it’s harming another company. We’d prefer to see companies helping other companies over trying to make a few cents a mile off of them – there’s plenty of work for everyone and then some. There’s no need to play dirty..


We’ve been over this but if you truly want to have more opportunity to make money your listing with us can truly be a life changer. We suggest all of our customers build a listing that brings in huge opportunities. It just takes a little effort and we’ll even help you if it looks like you’re putting in your share of effort. Here’s the way to get an excellent start in order of importance:

  • Add good quality keyword text to your listing. 900+ words is a awesome start for the aggressive owner that contemplates buying a whole fleet of pilot car vehicles – seriously. Again, there’s certainly no shortage of work.
  • Don’t leave photo slots empty (you can even paste in youtube urls) take a photo of your rig, business card, logo, get creative, anything, just don’t leave it blank.
  • Remember your listing is basically a doorway website with a biz card (your map pop-up). Enter all of the data you possibly can and continue to do so over time. Be sure you list your keywords (the space under company services description box). These are your top 12-15 words you use in your text such as: pilot car (space comma space) pilot cars , escort , high pole , lead , chase , steer , your city , your state(s) , etc. , top , 12-15 , words, you use , in description , etc. ,

If you choose to go above and beyond you can absolutely 100% use the tools we offer and achieve it. On the other hand, If you’d prefer just put your company name and phone, no photo and spell out lead, chase and leave keywords empty. All of the carriers and dispatchers are using our service anyway. You’ll get by and our service will still be worth the small fee we charge but just imagine what you can accomplish if you apply yourself. Seriously.


Quick Notes:
*Today, Monday, August 21st in only a few hours will deliver a complete solar eclipse (blackout). It will make a 65 mile wide path that runs from Portland, OR, Kansas City, KS/MO, Nashville, TN and finally Columbus, SC starting at 10:17 am and finalizing at 2:41 pm. Traffic density in this path is expected to be extremely high both before and after this historical event. It may be a wise idea to stay off of the roads if you can. Setting in traffic doesn’t pay too well for most of us. In addition do not look at the eclipse without proper eye protection. Don’t try to photo it either as it can ruin your phone or camera as well as blind you. A camera viewfinder will magnify it times the strength of the lense.


*Notice we replaced the pins in the map which are much smaller now to prevent overlapping.

*We also made the display screen on the site much larger – have a look.


*We’ve had two reports of the system sending out an email telling customers they needed to renew their account prematurely. In each incident PayPal was used to check out. So whether you’re paying in monthly, 6 month or yearly if you do get a notice from anyone, first check the “sent from” email address. If it’s not from wideloadshipping.com or @pilotrac.com contact us immediately and be sure to forward the email to support@ either domain name. We’ll investigate it fully. Our job is to serve our customers and we’re always here for you.


So, with much more to report in the near future we’ll wrap this up for the moment. Pride is a great thing, knowing we’re in a very creative industry that not only ships giant cool stuff but also protects our motorists.

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