Getting the most out of your pilot car listing.

Simple ways to pump up your pilot car company.

The web is inter-connected in so many ways much deeper than most of us all realize. There are umpteen thousands of rules written by the masters of the weberverse that dictate what the end results will be at any given moment. To even fathom going over 10% of them would be pointless (and possibly useless) but we have learned a few along the way that we’d like to share that will help pump you pilot car company listing up which means in the long run you get more bang for your buck and make more money. Best of all the stuff we’re dealing with is simple but the

Pilot cars are essential to moving oversize loads.

Simple ways pilot car companies can use technology to grow faster.

Give the web what is wants – information.

Pictures and video: Remember the web is just a robot. Give is nothing and you get the same in return. Give it something and you’ll get much more. With new technologies emerging like TinEye that enables computers the ability to actually read things like a “oversize load” sign or a pilot car companies name on the side of a truck, pictures really are able to tell a thousand words.  Some of our customers have nothing at all on their profiles. Get that smart phone out and make it work for you. Take some good photos with your company logo clearly in the image and even take a small video and upload it for free to YouTube – it’s free. Place links to it in your company description and upload those photos to your PiloTrac account. In the worst case scenario at least scan your business card at your local Wallgreens and upload it, almost anything will work and is much better than nothing.

Most importantly notice I closed the last paragraph with “almost anything”.  Now days an image that has been used in another location on the web is no good so do not “borrow” a photo from somewhere else. Even if you only use a part of the photo they will know and you can even be penalized for using an image that has been used elsewhere. It’s definitely not a good idea to use images from anywhere but your  own camera or graphics editor on your pilot car company promotional pages no matter what site they are on.

Text describing your pilot car company services: As with images the words you use to describe the services your pilot car company provides need to be original and not published in any other location. Not even your own website. So, that great body of text you created for your website should not be copied and pasted to your listing (on PiloTrac or anywhere else) or your listing can be penalized for that as well. In order to create the most powerful listing possible you will want to find the time to write at least the bare recommended minimum of 300 original words (even more is better) that contain your keywords (pilot car, truck escort, oversize, etc.) related to your company in order to create your masterpiece listing which will contribute immensely to the following:

  • Making your own website place higher in search results.
  • Make your listing on PiloTrac place in search results. 
  • Giving new customers more information about your company.
  • Giving customers a visual perspective of you in action.
  • Meeting more new customers than you normally do. 
  • Legitimize your company by presenting it professionally. will always bring direct customers to the PiloTrac system. The link has been their since 2003 and the numbers show they use it, contantly. But what about the people that are directly searching for pilot car services directly from the web? Your PiloTrac listing can do much more for your company than you think. Such as show up independently in web based searches as well as establish excellent reciprocal linking to your own website boosting it immensely in independent search results. If you had to pay for a recipricol link with this much ranking power it would cost you from $300 to $3000 a year. You get that same power here if you use it right for cents on the dollar and anyone can easily prove it by monitoring search results. If you’re a new customer with a website and do decide to join us simply write down your current position in various keyword searches for your company. Complete your listing here correctly following the instructions above. Then, check your rankings after 20 days. You will see your website move up in results comparable to something like this; before it was on page 39. Now it is on page 1 or 2. It’s all about playing the game as well as knowing their rules. If you take the time to do it right your business will reap the rewards.

Note: If you honestly have trouble writing and do not have anyone that can help you. Send us an email and we will work with you directly to create the absolute best listing possible. Free. We care about our customers and our success depends on yours.

The power of live posting coming soon!

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