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Ranking guaranteed.

Premium accounts rank better or money back.

That’s right! We offer a 100% guarantee to those who purchase a premium account on PiloTrac.com (a service provided by WideloadShiping.com) If your website does not perform better in search results within 30 days we will refund 100% of your money back to you you for listing costs without deducting any usage costs. In other words we will give you your $70 back. This does not include any live posting charges/fees you may have used as this service is not applicable for increasing search engine rankings.

Let’s explain how this works. The domain name WideloadShipping.com has been registered and very active since 2003 so it has a lot of history related to the keywords in our industry. So, no matter how poorly your website has been built, if it has content related to our industry a link to it (your website) from our website will move it up the list in search engine rankings as this is how search engines work. Your link on our website suggests relativity and on a site as old ours with such a good reputation moving up the results list is a no brainer as this is ppart of how the search engine algorithms work. Seriously, we’ve seen sites jump from page 20 to page 1 just from putting their link on our site. A good, solid reciprocol link like this is worth about $150 to $250 a year and even more depending on the product and where the link is placed. Something that most people don’t know about or they’d be clamoring for one of our premium accounts just for the link back benefits. You do need to know there is no way we could loose on a deal like this which is good news for you as your website will place much, much better in search engines results on its own by having the good quality link. Of course as a bonus you get all of the other cool tools cool tools as well as the direct exposure to the trucking companies that use the site that are looking to hire but it is nice to know we fully back our product.

A couple of basic rules:

  1. If you sabatoge your website by downgrading your keywords or by adding profanity to it (then removing it) the warranty is not valid (we can easily tell).
  2. This only applies to premium accounts ($70) as they’re the only accounts that offer the reciprocol the linking capabilities.
  3. If you do not enter your website name properly or somehow your link does not connect to a valid domain name that is exclusively for your pilot car company you will not qualify.
  4. You must notify us of your intent to file your claim no sooner than 30 days from sign up (so your domain name has a chance to propogate. However this will last the full term of your yearly contract so you could wait for 300 days if you wanted but you’d surely climb way up by then
  5. Your domain pages, robot.txt, sitemap or htaccess must not contain any “no follow” or “no index” commands or that would void the warranty.

If in the event you have some of the number 5 problems we will help you with them free of charge as we’re a nice team of professionals that wouldn’t want to see this happen to anyone but it wouldn’t qualify you for a refund unless that is after we fixed them for you and nothing happened.

Basically a link from us to any website that has related content is going to make the site in question jump up pretty high in search results (and we mean jump) and we have ways to check the history so the possibilty of us loosing on a deal like this is less than .00000001% but that’s a good thing since your site gets to move up in search results. But, if for some valid reason you do not. We will refund your money. A premium listing is most definately the way to go if you have a website.

One way or the other since there are so many trucks using WideloadShipping.com to connect with customers even a basic listing at just $4.16 a month using PiloTrac is plain old goood sense as your not only going to get more work but most of it will be direct with the carrier so you’ll make more money and on some jobs get paid as soon as you’re done. PiloTrac will take some time to fully bloww up but just like WideloadShipping.com we’re nnot ¬†going anywhere.

A few interesting facts:
The motivation for developing advanced state of the art pilot car location technology is to provide better service to the trucking companies that use our website with the overall health of the industry in mind first. The proof is in the pudding, look at how low our prices are.

Over 1 billion dollars in transportation costs exchange hands via Wideload Shipping every year.

There is no other place on the internet that we know of where trucks and pilot cars actively communicate directly with each other on a such a large scale.

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About PiloTrac.com

PiloTrac is brought to you by WideloadShipping.com – the largest marketplace for oversize and heavy-haul shipping quotes in the world. Since 2003 we have been sending the trucking companies that use our system to the pilot car companies that list their services on our site. After many years we realized a live system would be not only fairer but efficient as well. With our live posting feature, pilot car companies have a better chance at getting a back haul thus maximizing your bottom line. Live posting works.

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