Logging out of the system and live posting errors.

Have you had any trouble logging out of the system or posting live vehicles?

logging out

Logging out.

Thanks to all of our great users of the PiloTrac system we have been made aware of a link that is not working properly on the website. It’s the “logout” link. So in order to be able to log out of the website (if you need to) users will need to temporarily use the following command depending on which browser you are using:

Internet Explorer: Alt + F4
Google Chrome: Control + Shift + Q
Firefox: if anybody knows let us know below.

If you happen to have multiple tabs open you may want to deal with those tasks first as it closed the browser window when we tried it, but it did log us out of the system.

A live posting issue may exist.

We also had another user report that they were unable to post a pilot car live using Internet Explorer. What happened was they got a default message after trying to post their pilot cars to a specific date that said you already have a vehicle posted for this date. At that point they click on the “post cars” tab then the “posted cars” will show up next to it and the user reported they had no pilot cars posted/listed on any dates. What we think is happening is Internet Explorer may be saving this default message to its cache. We will make sure and have our developer team create a custom script that will flush the browser cachet and prevent this from happening. In the mean-time if you experience any problems when attempting to post your pilot cars in live locations (for the meantime) we suggest using the Google Chrome browser. If you do not have Google Chrome installed on your computer system, iPad, iPhone or android you can download it here and the installer will walk you through the easy process. In our opinion it’s a much more safe and secure browser.

Other than that PiloTrac seems to be operating properly. However if you experience any problems at all when using the system we absolutely need to be made aware of it. Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know. If there’s a problem we will do our absolute best to fix it. We thank you for your patience while we fix these last few details in our great system.

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