As the year nears close.

As the year comes to a close.

Years end

The many things that have been done in one year. Reflections as the year 2013 comes to a close.

As the year nears close we have to say that 2013 was a better than usual year for WideloadShipping. Company finances we’re very tight and the employees felt it more than anyone first hand. We’re a small family and close associates managed and ran company and when we have huge sums of resources devoted to completely re-designing every single page of 10,000 plus page website with software development happening in 3 different areas and placing everything on a cloud server so it can handle thousands of visitors at once, in can put a strain on many things if not even bringing them to an abrupt halt. This year we kicked off the year by releasing our SaferTool which is a small downloadable piece of software that enables users to query the SAFER database without having to deal with the actual website. It is offered for free with no gimmicks as it features the logo on it. A very great feat and a handy tool to have. The pilot car directory went from a automated text directory script to a huge geo-coding locations based system that literally takes a rocket scientist to build and trust us, they make a lot of money. Any now we will complete the same type of system again for the trucking companies who list their services on our site and finish it before the first of the year to boot.

But looking back on what we accomplished…Freight volumes are up almost 40% from previous years which helps our subscriber trucking companies. When the trucking companies get more work so do the pilot car companies so everyone is happy. Web traffic to the site has more than tripled. We’ve added tons more information to our regulations pages. Bravo is what we say to all of our customers, supporters and staff, bravo!

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PiloTrac is brought to you by - the largest marketplace for oversize and heavy haul shipping quotes in the world. Since 2003 we have been sending the trucking companies that use our system to the pilot car companies that list their services on our site. After many years we realized a live system would be not only more fair, but efficient as well. With our live posting feature pilot car companies have a better chance at getting a back haul thus maximizing your bottom line. Live posting works and persistence pays!

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