Pilot car road rage.

Yea I know what you’re thinking; road rage, pilot cars? Well yep, that’s exactly what i’m speaking of and the reason the issue is being raised. Not everyone is impervious to road rage – especially while working. You could take the calmest easiest driving grandmother there is and is shes behind the wheel working it’s a whole different story.

The sweet pilot car job is here.

Pilot car driver and a jackass.You finally got that sweet job. Customer direct paying $1.85 a mile on long miles plus per diem which rocks because you’re sleeping in your rig to save the extra cash. On top of that they pay as soon as you fax in your bills and your wife is running lead to boot! Long loads, we love ’em! It’s gonna be a fat Christmas for your family. Now, enter; The jackass. Yup, you all know exactly who i’m talking about. This nut case is going to pass you only to get in between you and your load. You have got to be #%^*=* me! Right? A good reason to have a bullhorn installed – what next? What do you do? I can guarantee your first instinct is going to be to hit the horn and you’re going to find out real quick that’s the wrong thing to do as it will only slow the jackass down potentially causing them to get rear ended by you. Your next instinct is going to be either pulling alongside of them and communicating with them via some odd hand gestures or to pinch them in. Again potentially causing a wreck or running your jackass off of the road. With the cost of insurance as expensive as it is these days it’s one of the pilot cars biggest overheads and the last thing you need is to be filling out loads more of paperwork because you caused a wreck, so this is a bad, bad idea. Drivers need to mentally train themselves for situations like this. Ask yourself, how would you respond?

The first thing that needs to happen is the driver of the load is notified.

You guessed it! Absolutely the first thing to take place when you get a perimeter breach is to notify all parties in your group by getting on the radio and informing everyone in your party of the breach. At this point the driver of the oversize load needs to slowly start to descend their speed. This is the ONLY way there is to safely remove a jackass. If he of she is going to roll with you all the way to a stop, perfect but 10 times out of ten they figure it out real quick and go around the load. Everyone is safe. At times there are drivers of oversize loads that do not know what to do either. Honking a tractor trailer horn is not going to fix it as that’s confusing for someone that is behind a vehicle (which by the way in the front will usually solve the problem pretty quick). My point is, be prepared to ask the driver is this is a safe place to start the descent in speed. He or she will get your suggestive question and follow through with the rest.

Check yourself and create scenarios.

Whether the load you are escorting is a long load or a wide load your basic instinct is to “defend” the load. But remember why you are there in the first place. To protect the safety of other motorists. Not to “save” the load. You must be prepared and immune to road rage as you are a super professional. That load has so much insurance on it it would probably cover the cost of 20 of your routine shipments and is way less important than a human life. So, the next time your setting around thinking about your awesome ride think about what it is for and why your job is so important. Think about the jackass.

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  1. cagnotti, Jul 11, 2017 - Pilot car road rage.

    Excellent post……always remember…….The a$$holes out number us.

  2. takeflightpilotcars@gmail.com, Jan 27, 2016 - Pilot car road rage.



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