2021 Pilot Cars gearing up.

Pilot Cars let’s gear up online for the 2021 season!

As most of you know we are getting ready to start the 2020 season for shipping oversize freight which is exactly why pilot cars need to gear up! Very soon it will become more and more difficult to find pilot car companies as everyone will be working which is great but how much will you be making? Those of you who have taken the time and energy to create a powerhouse pilot car listing on PiloTrac.net will be the ones that have access directly to the carriers.

For those of you who may have not had the best luck using our new system here are some very important things you may wish to consider about how any good listing (especially on a old domain name) interacts with the Internet and search engines. In this day and age search engines dictate and dominate who is going to be busy and who is not, obviously. The process of extracting digital information from web pages is very detailed and difficult so we won’t go into that. But what we will do is teach you how to create a serious bullet proof listing that will bring more business to your pilot car company. If you decide to grow with today’s technology “whenever you have more time” you’re seriously going to be missing the bus folks and i’m not kidding at all. We get indexed by Google about every 3 days which is how fast you can make a big difference. The more you write, the more opportunity that will come knocking. More business means more opportunity. But, with the times we’ve all got to make a few small changes which translates to time and effort. We will do our best to spell it out and give you a simple recipe. Give your pilot car company the boost it needs! Not only will you feel it quickly but it will last too.

Pilot car companies and the web.

Now, clearly Google is king of the web. They suggest if you wish to create any sort of promotional material online that it contain more than one photo and a minimum of 900 words with a keyword density of 6%. What this means in layman’s terms is; if you write 1000 words about your pilot car company you will need to use your keyword phrase(s) exactly 60 times in order to hit the “sweet spot”. 60 times is a lot! Your keyword phrases for example are words like “pilot car” or “pilot cars”, “your company name”, “escort”, “your city”,”your state”, “oversize”, “chase”,”lead”, etc. So you’re going to want to use each of these basic phrases 60 times for each 1,000 words you write. There are free tools available online that you can use to help you achieve this perfect 6% balance for your pilot car company. Try searching for the phrase “free online keyword density tool” (once you scroll down past the ads the ideal site and should feature basically a blank page or box like a word editor that you’d compose a letter on (ie: www.textalyser.net). What you do, is copy the text that you have written for your company and paste it into that window, then click submit. It will analyze the text that you have written and tell you what percentage of the time you have used words and phrases. So if you run the report and it says 1.7% you know that you need to figure out how to add more of that particular keyword or phrase.

What about your pilot car company?

If you’re struggling with topics to write about, here are a few ideas; service offerings, capabilities of your company, jobs you have done in the past, history, vision of the future of your company in the industry, personal thoughts on how you deal with customers, etc. Stand out! Make that impression, it’s a one click decision for you and your potential customers as well.

By doing this you are offering potential clients information about your great pilot car company. It’s always nice to provide potential customers with all of the information and photos that you can of your pilot car company in action(premium accounts can even add videos). Make them comfortable and assured they’re looking at a very capable pilot car company who will professionally protect motorists while they are transporting their shipments. So they can focus on their job and not have to worry about the pilot car company and what they’re doing or not doing.

Here is a perfect example of what a oversize shipping company does not want from a pilot car company: let’s say the pilot car company is chasing a load that is 11 feet wide. A motorist decides to get in between the pilot car company and the load. The pilot car company driver then decides to start flashing their lights, honking their horn and waving their hands while swerving back and forth in the transport lane. This is a huge mistake. It puts the motorist in danger, you in danger, the truck in danger and finally the product being shipped compromised. Not exactly the kind of pilot car company anyone wants to deal with.

For some reason many pilot car companies feel it is their job to protect the load that is being shipped. This idea is ludicrous! That is the insurance company’s job. The number one job or pilot car companies is to ensure and protect the safety of the motorist. So in this example the proper thing to do would be to simply get on the CB radio and notify the driver of the truck transporting the product that you have a four wheeler in between you and them. Then, the driver is aware of it and will more than likely take the following simple actions: he will start to slowly decelerate and the motorist will look for the soonest possibility to get out from behind the shipment. Problem solved, easily, safely and the shipment continues to move along. Of course this is only one example of the many responsibilities of pilot car companies but it’s a good one to illustrate exactly what type of behavior oversize trucking companies are trying to avoid like the plague when selecting a pilot car company to contract out.

Moving right along, another thing pilot car companies can do since you are putting so much effort into your listing is to treat it like your very own personal company website. Now you may be asking yourself while that sounds great how is anyone going to remember the long year old to your page? The answers that question is easy and can even be free. You have two options that we are aware of. Option one: purchased the domain name you desire, highlight and copy the URL to the page you created on our site (you can do this by creating or listing then locating your pin on the front page of PiloTrac then clicking on your company name. This will take you to your full-page) and forwarding the domain name you purchased to the URL of the page you created. Option two: search the term “free short URL redirection”. Then scroll down past the advertisements at the top to the organic listings and select one of the results that offers free subdomains that you like (ie: www.beam.to), follow the directions and create a short name such as beam.to.yourcompanyname. There are a lot of websites that offer this free with and without ads. This way your effort is maximized by using your listing as a website with a memorable name. You can print it on business cards, place it on your pilot car, use it to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever………

Also note our phone app. You can download it from iTunes or Google Play, simply search “PiloTrac” or grab it from the login page link at the bottom. This will make sure you are able to be seen as available at your next destination before you reach it. We have had a bug issue reported with the Samsung J3 android phone which you can read more about here: http://wideloadshipping.com/samsung-j3-phone-known-errors/ other than that, if it’s not working properly for you note the username and password are cAsE SenSitiVe as well as space sensitive. If you don’t type them in exactly as you did when you created your account (hopefully on a home/office computer first) then the system will not let you access it.

Remember “content is king”. That’s straight from Google. Without it there’s nothing to display! So, we strongly suggest for those that wish to progress into the future you simply play the game by the rules – which by the way we did not create.

A quick note for clarification:

  1. If you’ve already created a account use the “forgot password” function on the login page. It will save you a lot of time.
  2. No. We are NOT pilot car brokers.
  3. The smartest and cheapest way to utilize our service is to pay either $50 or $70 for the year.
  4. We promote long term relationships between you and oversize transportation companies.
  5. If you put little effort into your listing, that’s pretty much what you’ll get back ie: “For hire, pilot car, 1 million insurance, lead, chase, high pole, KS super-load certs, 20+ years exp. That may have worked great 20 years ago but this is now the age of the search engines. If you wish to advance, you must put forth effort. Follow our guidelines and like the rest of our dedicated customers you’ll love us.

If you require support, we are here for you and reply to EVERY email sent to us (support@pilotrac.com or support@wideloadshipping.com – not on social media websites like FB). If you do not hear back from us within 72 hours maximum, search the term “white-list” in combination with the name of your email provider and once you follow their directions enter *@pilotrtac.com and *@wideloadshipping.com and that will solve the problem. However, we do ask that you please be patient and polite, Keep in mind we are a small outfit based out of Oregon. Our time zone could be as much as 3 hours behind you. In addition, we also troubleshoot for literally thousands of carriers accessing direct customers and placing ads on our site. Here are some of our latest facts;

  1. Last year over 1.94 billion in transportation costs (just in the USA) went thru our little ‘ol big site. That is over 1/5th of the current government numbers (2015) of 8.7 billion total.
  2. In peak months we had hoped to break 2 million human visits in 1 single month last year (2017). We broke 3 million instead.
  3. Globally there are 256 instances of WideloadShipping.com on servers that update each other in milliseconds.
  4. WideloadShipping.com is published globally in 28 different languages.


Let’s have a safe season out there this year!

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