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PiloTrac has a decent opener.

We are proud to announce that the new PiloTrac pilot car system release has went very well. We have enough companies in the system to service most of our carriers in the lower 48 states with good quality pilot car service in areas higher shipping ratios. While there will always be room for more pilot cars, this is a very good start for PiloTrac and the trucking industry as a whole. We hope to eventually to have pilot car companies listed throughout the PiloTrack system every 300 square miles at least. This way our carriers using the system can get the most efficient service possible. Part of efficiency in this portion of the transportation industry is being able to locate the proper pilot car or truck escort and company with in a reasonable distance of the starting point of the load. One of the things you will notice is that Canada needs more pilot car companies listed for sure so we’ve got some marketing work to do with that. However, the lower 48 states look like they are filling up ok. We would also like to have some companies listed in Mexico as well but that may be well wishing. But all in all it looks like a successful start up.

Pilot cars live.

Our initial release phase went pretty well we think with the high density shipping areas able to provide service.

Making your listing perform.

We do have a little bit of work to do with some of you that are using the system. We would like every company to have a photo uploaded so their listing looks as good as it possibly can. We would also hope that many companies choose to enter more information about the services their company provides. If you’ll notice all of the text that is entered into your profile is displayed underneath the picture that you have hopefully uploaded. So while it should be good quality information about your company and the services you provide, it’s not the first thing that the customer will see. When a company that is interested in using your services comes to your company page they will see your picture first. The next thing they are looking for is your phone number to contact you.

So all of this text that you have entered about your company really isn’t necessarily even being read by the visitor or they may just be simply browsing it while talking to you on the phone. The point that I’m trying to make in mentioning this is the search engines are just robots. If they come to your listing and see that you entered “lead”, “chase”, “high pole” and “lower 48 states” you’re not giving them a lot of information to work with. The robot then takes this information back to the server which then processes it and as far as individual search results are concerned your listing is on page 50. Our job is to bring the trucking companies to this new system and and were doing that as many of you can tell by now. But as far as maximizing your bang for your buck by placing independently in search results with your listing which each and every company in the directory can do you’re not accomplishing very much by just entering a little bit of information. If you truly want the new PiloTrac system to work for you then we strongly suggest that you log into your account and upload a picture (if you haven’t yet) as well as adding good solid well-written text to your listing. The pilot car companies that choose to do this will be the ones that prevail and continue to shape the future of our industry as they will be the ones with the most business. That small little competitive edge is all it takes. 20 min. of your time spent on your own company to increase productivity. We highly recommend it.

Free is not better.

Another thing that we have noticed is we have a lot of pilot car companies signing up for free accounts. There’s absolutely no sense in signing up for a free account at all because it’s not going to show you anything except the load posting portion of the website. Pilot car company managers will maximize their time and productivity by signing up for a basic or premium listing. Whether or not you choose to activate it at that time or not is up to you but at least you can see everything the system has to offer including the load posting function which is included with every account type. Let me take just a moment of your time to explain the difference between “basic” and “premium” service. Basic service is for pilot car companies that don’t have a website, that don’t use twitter or Facebook, that don’t have very many pictures or video to upload and need to be listed in the system.

Bang for your buck.

For pilot car companies that have a website or use Facebook or twitter or have video or lots of pictures you are strongly recommended to spend the extra $1.20 a month and purchase the premium service. The reason for this is because of the reciprocal link value. If you were to purchase a reciprocal link as good as the one that we give you it would cost you a minimum of $250 a year. You may laugh and and think this just sales talk and impossible that it would cost that nuch but that’s actually a low estimate. I’ll tell you why. WideloadShipping.com has been on the Internet for over 10 years and if you know the basics about link juice you will know that history goes a long, long way when it comes to who is going to be first in line in the search results and we’re not talking about your listing in PiloTrac (if you have a website), were talking about your company website. That’s right. The link that is created with a premium listing will move your own website up in the search results like a rocket. Doubt? Test it, monitor it, check it out yourself. As soon as you activate your account go and check on your website with the keywords that you normally use when checking how you’re doing in the search results. Then wait about 20 days, maybe even 10 days and then go try it again. Once your listing with us has been indexed it will fly up the results you won’t believe it. Now go try the same thing somewhere else and see what happens. There’s absolutely no way you’ll even come close to producing the same results as you did on our site. That’s just how things work, we didn’t make the rules. So yes, the number quoted above is a low-ball figure. Not only do we give you that, but for the same amount of money you can use our service for almost three years. If you chose basic service you could use it for five years. That’s what we like to call a value oriented service. Moving right along.

Live pilot car posting and your cars plate number.

While using the live posting service may be kind of a pain, especially until we get the phone app. Problems figured out it’s a valuable tool that more people need to take advantage of. Using the live posting feature is one of the most important and powerful tools that your pilot car company can use. Just to make sure that everyone understands how live posting works I will review it. Of course at first you enter your license plate numbers. Note that you only have to do this one time. If you are trying to post your pilot cars live and your plate numbers are not in the system click on the “car status” tab. You will see that that license plate number is actually in the system but needs to be reactivated. Remember that live posting is and at on service so the system will ask you to give it five dollars for every 30 days you want to use it. It’s well worth it and once you start using it regularly you’ll see why and be more than happy to spend the $.17 a day that have it. Live pilot car posting works like this: for each date that you post a available pilot car that posting will expire sometime around 6 PM central standard time on the date you selected to post to. If you have not booked the car on a run you want to be sure and go post it for the following day.

Live posting is where it’s at.

If you are going to be away from the computer and have nobody to post for you on the following day and you want to make sure you get that driver (or yourself) covered then go-ahead and post that pilot car for the following date as well. You can post your pilot cars in advance for up to 10 days in the future. We do ask however if you cover that vehicle you delete the posting so the next available closest company can have the run. One of our main objectives is connecting pilot cars directly with trucking companies which we’ll talk about in a minute. Here’s another example of how you can use the live posting system. Say you’ve taken a run to Little Rock Arkansas. And you know you’re going to be finished with that job in eight days. So you login to your PiloTrac account and post yourself live as being in that location on that date. Then can and will happen is a trucking company dispatcher that has a run leaving Little Rock on that same (or the next day) comes to the site, runs a search by clicking the date on the calendar on the lower right-hand side below the map and locates you. This way you are fully optimizing the total power of the system. You can potentially book your next run before you’re even finished with the one you’re on. And that’s what we want pilot car companies doing, maximizing productivity with this new system. Not headed home empty or chasing 450 miles for another run. It may not work every time but if you don’t stay dedicated to live posting you’ll never know when it will work. For $.17 a day and just a few minutes of your time this is the service offering that you want to pay attention to because it all comes down to the bottom line. Miles. Miles mean money.


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