Batie Dependable Pilot Car

Nationwide Pilot Car Dispatching Service – Florida, WA & NY Certified, 1ML Commercial 1 ML GL – Nationwide Service / USA, NM & Canada – Services Provided -High Pole/Route Survey/Lead /Chase Steersman /Flagging and Traffic Control

Vehicles – Full on board office, Fax ,Print Copy, Email available to receive your permits and keep the load moving – Laptop GPS with Streets & Trips, and Delorme to navigate you efficiently to your destination allowing us to provide you with advance warning of upcoming turns or road changes – Advance Mapping software that allows up to date road work warnings – Hands Free Bluetooth phone systems – Front & Rear camera’s providing you with quality assurance of your loads or Survey needs.

Equipped , Certified & Insured in ALL STATES – Florida & NY Certified New Mexico and Utah inspected, Nevada & GA , La permits , Pa & Canada Insured — No Matter where your oversize load needs to go * We go the Distances for your Loads *

Do you need a Dependable Pilot car service that can help you with all of your Heavy Haul, Oversize load, truck permit loads? If so Look no further, Batie Dependable Pilot Cars can help you with all of your truck escort service needs in Florida , Georgia , South Carolina , Alabama , Tennessee , & Mississippi , Or anywhere in the USA , Canada & Mexico. We Will Go The Distance For Your Loads.

When you have an over dimensional load to move, the pilot car service you chose is critical to the safe and timely delivery of your oversize load.

With Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort Service, our pilot cars will lead the way as your heavy haul cargo is transported from pick up destination to drop off destination. Batie Dependable Pilot Car Service drivers work with the truck driver an oversized load. Together, the drivers work ensure that oversized loads make it to their destinations safely, cost effectively and event free. Essentially at Batie Pilot Cars we understand that a pilot car should provide advance warning to others on the road that an oversized load is coming through

Batie Dependable Pilot Cars office is Florida based, yet we serve
the entire USA ,Canada & Mexico.

At Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort, We are focused on providing you with, The Safest, Most Courteous and Dependable Pilot Car service, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Goal is to exceed your expectations in a Pilot car Company.
For our customers we provide Pilot Cars, which are known as Escorts, Flag Cars, Pilot Escorts and Route Surveys to Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Batie Dependable Pilot Cars will provide you with all of your pilot car and oversize load escort needs, whether it’s across town or Anywhere is the USA

We offer our customers quality professional services such as, Route Survey, High pole, Lead car, Chase car, Traffic control & Flagging.

Batie Dependable Pilot cars Goals are to provide you with the best professional certified escorts in a timely manner. To successfully aid your load in getting your load from Your Departure Point to Your Destination Point as quickly, affordably, and safely as we can assist you in getting there.

Whether you have a short distance Oversize load or ,a long distance Oversize load ,We are here to help guide you safely. We Go the Distance For Your Loads.

Our Prices are Competitive priced with other pilot car services in our area. Our prices may vary depending on
1.Time and Length of Run
2. Total number of Runs requested,
3. Repeat customers.
Our Prices are Negotiable
Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards!!!

Call Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort (352-538-3645) and let us cover you’re load. With our Extensive network of over 400 pilot cars, We will help you coordinate all of your pilot car needs anywhere in the United States and Canada. We are available to serve you 24/7 with High Pole, Lead , Chase escort vehicles and Route Survey needs.

Batie Dependable Pilot Cars is approved with ATS / Comdata / T11 groups / American Transport/ Greentree Transportation / American Wind Transport Group, LLC / Aetna Freight Lines/ American Transport, Inc / TII Logistics, Inc / Marathon Transport/Admiral Merchants / Sentinel,
Call us and ask if we are approved by your company 352-538-3645

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