Bigger Boy’s LLC

Breaker one nine. All wide load drivers who are looking for a dependable escort car service, there’s a new kid on the block.

Bigger Boy’s, LLC is a certified, pilot car company, providing transportation for over dimensional support needs. From wide load chase vehicle coverage to high pole and lead car services, Bigger Boy’s has your back.

Being on the road is a tough job, but you’ve got what it takes to see it through. Every day you pull on your work boots and roll up your sleeves. You climb behind the wheel knowing, that all across America, people are counting on you. And you never let them down.

Neither should your pilot car company. you deserve the same level of dedication and commitment from your escort vehicle service. It’s been said time is money. But for you it’s even more. It’s getting to your destination safely and on time. It’s coming through when people are counting on you.

Bigger Boy’s is built on a foundation of reliability, honesty and commitment. It strives to provide enhanced safety, integrity and professionalism to oversize load drivers and the pilot car industry. Available services include lead vehicle support, high pole, chase vehicle and traffic safety flagging.

State coverage of Bigger Boy’s escort service include the following:
Al…Alabama, Ar… Arkansas, Ga…Georgia, In… Indiana, Ky… Kentucky, NC… North Carolina, SC… South Carolina, Tn… Tennessee, Va… Virginia, WV… West Virginia

Wherever your next oversized haul takes you, Bigger Boy’s will be there. Providing you with the reliable and safe pilot vehicle support service that you deserve. So whether you need a dependable pilot car, chase car or high pole vehicle, Bigger Boy’s is here for you.

From the mountains to the prairies, you’re the unsung heroes of America’s highway. You give it your all. You’ve got America’s back. Bigger Boy’s has yours.

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