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Highroad Truckers is an oversize load pilot car service located in Texas, which operates mostly in Galveston, Houston, and Dallas; nevertheless, we are capable of sending our escort cars all over the US since we carry a license for all states. Our motto is “We deliver what we promise”! The oversize load service is essential for the safety of the trucker. It is also a necessary service for his oversize load, and the other motorists on the road while he is transporting larger-than-normal materials. It covers equipment such as machinery for the wind power industry, which are Wind Mill Turbines, Wind Mill Blades, and Wind Mill Towers. Each of them is an oversize load.
In many states, using an escort car or pilot car is mandatory when the oversize load you’re trucking is over a certain weight or dimension, meaning oversize. Hence it is vital to secure the assistance of an escort pilot with a high pole if needed. When you are trucking your freight across multiple states, it’s best to obtain an escort car throughout the journey to prevent any undue hang-ups, delays, or fines. Each pilot car will cover any oversize load.
Each driver has much experience in the Wind Mill Industry transporting Wind Mill Turbines, also called Wind Mill Machine Heads, Wind Mill Blades, and Wind Mill Towers. We provide Lead, Chase, and High-Pole. We are fully certified and licensed in all states. We are also fully insured and have been working with heavy freight carriers such as ATS and Daily Express to assist each oversize load. We love what we are doing and pride ourselves in delivering a safe trip for every shipment. We are product-oriented in that we consider it our utmost priority to ensure the oversize loads arrive at the designated location securely and on time. Each pilot car will go at any length to make sure this will happen.

Our pilot cars operate all over the US. Galveston, Houston, and Dallas are cities from which a lot of oversize load shipments originate. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to get help with your oversize loads. If you need an escort car for Lead, Chase, and High-Pole, give us a call. If you need assistance, connect with us and get the escort car you need. We’ll figure out how to help you with our Lead, Chase, and High-Pole service. We also have a contact form on our website that will allow you to state what type of escort car service you need for your oversize loads, including the specifications for the high-pole. Our escort car service is essential to you, the carrier, and the shipper. There are countless numbers of industries shipping larger, more complex, and oversize loads over our increasingly congested roads, bridges, and highways. These roads and bridges and highways are not designed with the needs of large carriers in mind dealing with oversize loads. Our pilot car drivers are required to pass a new, more demanding test to receive a license to escort oversize loads and are, therefore, professionals in what they are doing. If you think such professionals are not needed, wait until you hire an amateur. Most reputable pilot car companies establish their requirements and provide their training and evaluation. Less responsible competitors often undercut responsible companies who do follow the guidelines given by the states, which is especially visible when it comes to the high-pole. High-pole requires uncompromising professionalism. Pilot car companies who do not concern themselves with things such as insurance can offer services at lower rates for oversize loads. Eventually, reliable companies are forced to either compromise their standards to lower costs or go out of business. We can assure we do neither, compromise, or go out of business. We are here for the long haul, and you can count on us.

Due to technological advances, our world is becoming increasingly more accessible. Because of this, we find that most businesses rely on more and more cost-effective foundation for their support. Large excavating machinery manufacturers, for example, sell their equipment to all corners of the world, and all of them are oversize loads. Steel fabricating plants on the eastern coast manufacture parts for a plant that is built on the west coast and modular home manufacturers sell their homes 1000 miles away. Each of them needs a pilot car that will perform Lead, Chase, or High-Pole escort car service. It is the very nature of our existing society that has made our world so small. For these companies to survive, that do business in other parts of the country, the issue of transporting these oversize loads safely and efficiently becomes critical. And we are here to assist you in getting it done.

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