Safety checklist for the 2021 pilot car season.

Pilot Car safety checklist for the 2021 season.

The 2021 season is about ready to shout!
You have to admit there’s nothing like the satisfaction a person has from knowing that every single bit of your equipment has been gone through, checked, organized, serviced, and is ready to go. When everything is in tip-top shape and you know you’ve done your best and are truly ready to hit the pavement and roll with the widest, tallest shipment anyone can call you with. The difference between an outdated fire extinguisher and a current one is huge. Sure you can get fined or even shut down but what if you actually need to use it? The same goes with signal flares or any sensitive equipment/tools for that matter that have (especially ones with expiration dates). It’s your job to protect motorists and to be prepared.

Equipment safety checklist.

Just to go over it, your number one responsibility, when you’re on the job, is to safely protect motorists. The safety of motorists is number one on your priority list.  It’s easy to get into the routine of seeing your job simply as the leader or follower of oversize shipments with the “right” to sound off in a bullhorn or even worse try and chase another vehicle away from the load. However, your purpose is much greater than that which is why it is your responsibility to make sure your equipment is operating at 100%. If your super man/woman suit is required then you need to be well equipped and ready – you’re a first responder. Below is a list of things just to help jog your memory.

Routine safety checklist.

1. Check the tires on your rig all the way around closely for any nails, screws, bubbles or belt breaks. Also check the air pressure in all tires, including your spare.
2. Check your brakes and fluids.
3. Service your engine completely.
4. Be certain all signal flares, fire extinguishers, etc. are not expired.
5. Batteries with spares are all fully charged.
6. Go through your signs and flags to ensure they’re in good shape.
7. Check all of your lights, amber, signals, etc.
8. Test your CB radio and communication devices.
9. Make certain all of your log books and mileage books are ready to go.
10. Wiring. Check all of your custom wiring and connections. Make sure they are tucked away properly.
11. Organize everything real nice and proper. Make certain you have all state certifications and insurance certificates right where you need them. Make sure they are not expired and still valid.
12. Serious pilot car operators may wisely choose to go for a good ride on a bumpy gravel road for 20 minutes. When you’re finished check all of your equipment. You may be surprised.

The North American economy is looking pretty odd this year considering all the difficulties we’ve had. However, since we already have a shortage of pilot car and escort companies industry experts suggest it will be a very strong year for everyone in the logistics industry. Pilot cars especially.

It’s important that each and every one of the companies associated with you have a safe and prosperous 2021 season. Everyone, please be safe, keep your eyes and ears open. Be eager to accept feedback whether you want to hear it or not and finally have a good year.


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