Volume predictions for 2016

Based on Van and refrigerated freight volume predictions and the industry so far for 2016, the outlook or the oversize trucking industry and heavy haul isn’t looking too good.

As you all know of course this is an election year which has the consumer nervous about spending. It also has project coordinators that handle large projects like wind towers, bridges and such nervous about attempting any new projects under the uncertainty created by the election. As we stated in a previous article the wind energy industry is starting to taper off with many new projects being built either at sea or on different continents. After this is all said and done with it looks like will be dependent upon existing projects as well as largely dependent upon equipment auctions and routine transport of heavy equipment.

In the long run what this means is smaller companies such as pilot car companies are going to need to get more creative in their advertising in order to remain in business. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be one of those years where a friend can call another friend and offer them were at a job there on. And the old word-of-mouth strategy is very rapidly becoming something of the past. More times than not companies would rather jump online and order a companies services without even having contact with that company. If that is not available, then a quick phone call based on an Internet search is the second preferred choice of over 65% of the customers that are out there.

We said it before and believe any person could benefit from going through some of our older articles and reading about free strategies to help your company online. We have articles that are loaded with information. Ultimately, pilot car companies that do wish to succeed will need to spend some money online but again will need to be very cautious where they do so. Ensuring they get the most value oriented service for their buck. Also, one should keep in mind dealing directly with customers is going to pay more money. That small extra bit of revenue is going to make all of the difference in the world.

Another thing to consider is what you plan on doing with your money once you have made it. The winter months as we all know can be very lean with little if any money to be made in the oversize trucking industry as the elements don’t permit it and frost laws are in effect in many states.

The bottom line is pilot car companies need to be more conscientious of what they are doing and start to develop strategic plans involving Internet advertising and budgeting during the winter months. These are the companies that will survive and shape the direction of the future.

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